Your PLR needs to be a memorable moment. Make the meeting special.

A Product Line Review (PLR) may be a meeting with a retailer, but it’s so much more than that — it’s a stage. So, think beyond the norms of a standard meeting. The merchants on the other side of the table are human, and humans love a good story. So, tell your story. Know every detail of your story, and make it compelling. Define and rehearse your role and expertise to make an impression. This is your moment to shine, so make it special.

Develop Pre- and Post-Communication Assets

Before you walk into a Product Line Review, you need to have a pre-communication plan and post-communication plan in place. This will help clarify everything that needs to be done to make the right impression, as well as set up a discussion about how you can drive sales once the meeting has finished. And keep omnichannel in mind as you do this — everything has to work seamlessly.

Show Opportunity for Innovation in the Category

There are things in the category that just aren’t working, and there are also plenty of things that are working well. Discuss where the opportunity for category innovation lies in both situations. Make it clear that you have a plan to help your product and business rise to any challenges that may be ahead.

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Make Your Time with the Merchant Engaging and Interactive

A PLR should be more than just another meeting. There’s no need to just tell the merchant how you can make a difference in the category when you have the opportunity to show them. You can create a variety of exciting demonstrations. You can build informative-yet-interesting displays. You don’t even have to keep the meeting contained to a single room — you can move the merchant through a series of unique spaces. The more engaging your meeting is, the more memorable the moment.

Involve Each Team Member in the Presentation. Play to Their Strengths and Expertise.

A PLR is rarely a one-person show. You have built a powerful team on your way to this moment, so be sure to use them. Make it clear that you’re surrounded by experts by letting your team members all have moments where they can shine. Not only does this add a greater depth of personality to the meeting, it also makes it clear that you have assembled the right group of people to help deliver success on retailer shelves.

Reassure the Merchant that You Have a Long-Term Plan that Meets Their Expectations

Be sure to present the long view. Develop and discuss how you intend to drive sales after the meeting. When you have a clearly laid-out, long-term plan that meets a merchant’s expectations, you’re giving them the reassurance they need to move forward.

Sales Factory Knows How to Turn Every PLR into a Memorable Moment

Merchants are no strangers to Product Line Reviews, so you have to think beyond the standard meeting to make sure yours stands out. You have 60 to 90 minutes to deliver a lasting impression that both impresses and reassures the merchant, so you need to put every effort into that goal.

At Sales Factory, we’ve been helping businesses like yours craft memorable PLRs for more than 35 years. We know just want it takes to put together a meeting as unique as your product — a show designed to capture merchant attention and generate a winning outcome. When you partner with Sales Factory, you can be assured your PLR will be a memorable moment.

Learn more about our PLRs, virtual PLRs, how to stay competitive, and how our formula has contributed to wins across multiple categories for more than 35 years. And be sure to explore the Sales Factory PLR Checklist to understand everything you need to do to prepare for a Product Line Review.

Get your PLR checklist.

Get your PLR checklist.

We know how to win at PLRs. Download the checklist and use our strategy to prepare for your next product line review.

Download our PLR checklist