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A product line review (PLR) can make or break your business. Underwhelm your merchant, and you stand to lose more than shelf space: your brand’s credibility and future opportunities are on the line.

Impress your buyer with a presentation filled with research-based insights and mutually beneficial strategies, and you can lay the foundation for a long-term (and profitable) partnership with your retailer.

The Sales Factory approach


Our proven seven-step process has built countless home retail businesses into high-velocity category disruptors.

1. Model the market.

During the product line review process, your buyer will expect you to be prepared with detailed data about your market size and share of your category in a competitive landscape. Modeling the market requires aggregating and analyzing many data inputs, including those from POS, industry reports, macro trends, digital data scrapes and more. The more robust your model, the more likely they are to trust your recommendations.


2. Know the end user.

The better you know your end user, the better you can meet their needs as well as your merchant’s. We go beyond demographic information to understand the attitudes, values and behaviors of your target audiences.


3. Solve your end user’s problems.

What are your end users’ unmet needs, and how can you meet them? We take what we know about the end user, and use it to understand how they relate to your category and your brand.

Get your PLR checklist.

Get your PLR checklist.

We know how to win at PLRs. Download the checklist and use our strategy to prepare for your next product line review.

Download our PLR Checklist
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4. Position your product and brand to win.

Show your buyer that you are prepared to navigate a constantly changing market. We develop a strategy that helps your business meet the consumer’s needs better than the competition.

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5. Build a program and bring it to life.

Think beyond your PLR and present an agile activation strategy that focuses on sales. We turn research and strategy into a plan of action that’s mutually beneficial to your brand and the buyer.

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6. Make it meaningful and memorable.

A dense PowerPoint full of bland facts and figures won’t make an impression on your buyer. We break the boredom barrier by crafting a high-impact, story-based presentation that will set you apart from your competitors in your merchant’s memory.

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7. Win, but it’s not over.

Cement your relationship with your merchant with an iron-clad activation strategy, excellent communication and an agile marketing plan.

Take no chances with your company’s future

Come armed with a deep understanding of your end user and category, or risk losing out to a competitor who does.

Get assistance with your PLR that goes beyond the day of your presentation.

We’re here to gather and interpret the data that will help your merchant see you as a valued industry expert – and deliver your findings in a way that is meaningful and memorable.

It’s about more than just research. We take you from point A through your meeting; to rollout and beyond.

Get expert help with:

  • Consumer research
    • Behavioral segmentation
    • Path-to-purchase studies
    • Gap analysis
    • Receptivity indexing
  • Product category assessment
  • PLR presentation design and delivery
  • SKU rationalization, pricing strategy and mix
  • Store walk audits
  • POG planning and layout
  • Ecommerce audits
  • Packaging concepts
  • Merchandising
  • Omnichannel approach
  • Follow up and activation

Make your next PLR a home run

Ready to expand your shelf space and disrupt your category like never before? Sales Factory has all the tools for executing a winning PLR under one roof.

Let’s get started. View our PLR resources and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Schedule a retail consultation.

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