Get the Most Out of Summer Interns (and Vice Versa)

Summer is upon us, and in most employer categories, that means summer interns are upon us, too. Graduations have finished, students have left campus for break, and they’ve flown straight into the doors of their prospective interests, hoping for their big breakout into the rest of their lives.  

Rest assured, nowadays being an “intern” means much more than going on a coffee run or making copies for superiors. No, interns in the 21st century are ready and willing to get down to work, so long as you use them effectively. Lucky for you, there are a few crucial ways to achieve that.  

Round ‘Em Up 

No one likes to be the lone newbie in the bunch. That can feel isolating and intimidating! Hiring many interns across the scope of your company can boost their morale. In fact, people work better and more efficiently in teams. They then become more invested in their projects and their relationships as well. In turn, this can help interns feel more loyal to this brand-new place and its values, making their integration more seamless 

Immerse Them from the Get-go

In the first seven seconds of an in-person meeting, potential employees will already have formed opinions about your company. Yes, that includes interns. So, it’s important that from their first day, all employees demonstrate company culture at its peak performance, when the office atmosphere is firing at all cylinders. If you have certain workplace rituals, bring them along for the ride! This will be the widest opportunity to teach them about your brand and what your company vision is. And remember: first impressions work both ways.   

Learning From the Best

Just like immersion is important, remember that while these interns might be temporary, they still have to know what they’re doing. And since they’re now representatives of your company and the work you do, they’ve got to be able to do their jobs well. Coming into a company as someone new is a steep learning curve, but not to worry. If you’re pairing up your interns with a core team of seasoned employees, they’ll feel more comfortable about asking questions. Giving them their own projects In turn, they’ll build more confidence in what they do.   

Interns Win Here

Just last week, we hired nine, count ‘em, nine interns across various departments here at SFW. From accounts, to research, to production, to creative, they all showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed to begin their advertising and marketing career.  

Not only did they get their very own nerf guns, but they also got the chance to go on a company bike ride, too. And, interns are a nice reason to bring in an icebreaker game (when else is there a reason?). So, our office sat back and watched some of our bravest interns do their best celebrity impressions, eat mystery food, take a selfie with someone on leadership, and even dance around the room. But it was more than fun and games. We’re interested in the people we hire because that’s what makes SFW the agency it is today.