Start out strong: hire a marketing company to set up your Amazon platform

Being a successful seller on Amazon is a difficult task, regardless of whether you’re a small company with a single product or a well-known brand with a sizable catalog. Selling on Amazon is so much more than simply setting up an account and listing a product. There are a large number of variables to consider at every turn, such as whether a specific product should even be listed, what its price point should be, how the platform should be designed, developing marketing assets and strategies, and more. With so much on the line, you need expert help. There are Amazon-only agencies and Amazon sales rep groups, but their narrow skill sets will only take you so far. You need a partnership that can help you bring your sales and marketing together, give you access to valuable tools and resources, develop the right advertising strategy, and help you develop advertising assets. You need a marketing company to set up your Amazon platform. 


When sales and marketing diverge, so does Amazon potential.
Sales and marketing should go hand in hand. In small companies, they’re often run by the same person or small group of people. As companies grow, those two functions begin to separate from one another. As the divide between these two functions widens further, the work they do becomes less connected. 

The sales team understands exactly what the customer wants, and the marketing team has a variety of assets at its disposal to help sell a company’s products. And while working together would greatly increase the efficiency of their separate roles, the duality of their roles is too often overlooked, and the entire operation becomes really messy, really quickly. So, as the retail/media boom keeps growing, they turn to different niche agencies to help fill the gaps. And while this seems like a smart solution, it often drives greater inefficiency.

Consolidate your agency partners into a single, trusted marketing company.
A company’s marketing team often employs a variety of experts, including a media planning agency, a creative agency, an advertising agency and a PR agency, while their sales team could rely on an Amazon agency or Amazon sales rep group. These separate groups are swirling around the same goal, but the distance between them (from a communications point of view) means their resources aren’t being used efficiently and the company’s overall Amazon strategy gets muddied and confusing.

A marketing company has the knowledge and expertise of all these agencies under one roof. It streamlines the process and brings resources together, essentially reuniting sales and marketing. When you hire a marketing company to set up your Amazon platform, you’re hiring a team that can ensure your goals are aligned. Plus, it will take advantage of all available tactics to meet your objectives.


Powerful solutions demand marketing expertise.
For a fully optimized Amazon platform, you need a retail- and sales-driven marketing company that always has the end user in mind. Your marketing company should fully understand not just how to sell on Amazon, but also how to market on Amazon. Every marketing function, such as how the copy should be written, how the product should be positioned, what the images should look like, and how the brand store is designed should work in conjunction with sales goals and company objectives. 


Are you ready for a marketing company to set up your Amazon platform?
At Sales Factory, we reorganize sales and marketing to put them back together, ensuring our clients have everything they need to develop the most effective Amazon platforms. When you choose to partner with us, you get the best of sales and marketing rolled into one perfectly streamlined package. We observe each client’s Amazon potential from a strategic point of view, using our sales and marketing knowledge to keep them on strategy and to meet their objectives in the smartest, most efficient way.

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