Making it Memorable: How to Give an Unforgettable PLR Presentation


  • Tell a story
  • Make it a conversation
  • Throw out the template
  • Make it exciting
  • Be the right kind of memorable


The stakes are high, but at the end of the day, a PLR decision is like any other human decision: part rational and part emotional.

Having your facts in order is critical for winning your merchant’s trust, but your PLR presentation is also an opportunity to get them fully invested in your brand. If you want to nail the big pitch, you’ll need to mix well-supported consumer data with a little bit of showmanship. Here’s how:


Tell a story. 

Storytelling is native to the human experience. Not only do we retain information better when it’s presented in narrative form, but we care about it more.

It all starts with understanding your merchant’s goals. Are they focused on merchandising, incremental sales, margins or something else? Set the scene with these objectives in mind. Make your merchant or retailer the hero of your presentation, and demonstrate how your brand is prepared to support their journey. 


Make it a conversation. 

It’s hard to stay engaged with a one-sided presentation. Talk with your audience, not at them. 

The best way to do this is to create opportunities for interaction throughout your presentation, rather than waiting until the very end to invite questions. Incorporate some natural pauses, check in regularly and direct questions at the decision makers in the room. 

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Throw out the template. 

Prior to the PLR, your retailer will ask you to answer a list of standard questions that address the basics of your brand, products and operations. While you’ll want to cover all of that information in your presentation, it would be a mistake to base your pitch on this template. 

Know the facts of your business well enough that you feel comfortable off script, and weave in key data points in story form. Focus on the attributes of your brand and products that the template just can’t capture (and that consumers care about), and bring them front and center. 


Make it exciting.

The right amount (and variety) of razzle dazzle will depend on the personality of your merchant, but no one likes to be bored. 

Do your homework to better understand the personality of your retailer and the decision makers involved, and use what you learned to put on a show. This could mean lights, music, live demonstrations, or VR — anything but laying your wares out on a table and reciting the facts. 

Think outside the box and show your merchant something they haven’t seen before. 

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Be the right kind of memorable. 

The goal of your PLR presentation is to stick in your merchant’s mind in a good way

You don’t want to be remembered for testing your audience’s patience or coming in unprepared. Dress the part, print your slides, pack your charger, and bring dongles and adapters even if you don’t think you’ll need them. Eliminate as much friction as possible, and you’ll have more control over the impression your presentation makes on your merchant. 


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