Knowing Consumer Behavior: How Market Research Can Power Your Product Line Review

When you’re walking into a Product Line Review (PLR), it is imperative that you can show the retailer that you understand the end user inside and out. Be able to identify the prime prospect, and arm yourself with extensive insights into their behavior. So do the market research. Know the numbers and make them an integral part of your presentation. Make it clear that you understand the consumer better than anyone. To make a firm impression with the retailer, you need to uncover purchase drivers and share them in a comprehensive, memorable way.


Share How Consumers Learn, Shop and Purchase Products in Your Category
Before a retailer will even consider putting your product on their shelf, they need to know that you fully understand the end user of your product category. Do a deep dive into how the consumer learns about the category, including product options, brands and features. Clarify exactly how the consumer shops in that category, both inside brick-and-mortar locations as well as online. Show the retailer how the consumer makes their purchase decisions and demonstrate how your product offering, packaging and merchandising capitalizes on that information.


Demonstrate How Your Consumer Knowledge Pays Off for the Retailer
In a PLR, retailers are depending on you to demonstrate more than just why your target audience will want your product. They want you to show them how consumer desire will translate into increased business for them. Connect all of the dots for the retailer.  How will their sales, profit margin and turns improve with your end user focused product offering?  How will your product offering make their stores the “go to” consumer destination in your product category? 

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Demonstrate How Your Recommendations Solves the Consumer’s Problem
Your consumer has a problem that needs to be solved — a need that demands satisfaction — and your product offering is the key. But it’s not enough to just know that. You need to prove it. Using your consumer behavior research, present the consumer problem from every angle, and show how your product is the answer in every case. When you understand the consumer problem, you can clearly demonstrate the different ways you can help influence consumer buying.


Identify How Consumers Choose One Retailer over Another
Every consumer makes a choice about where they make their purchases, both online and in person. The retailer in your PLR has a lot of competition, and you need to know exactly what it is that drives a consumer to their store versus a competitor’s. Do they see your associates as the most knowledgeable? Is it a perception of a better shopping experience? Perhaps it’s simply better prices and ease of transaction? A multifaceted understanding of consumer shopping preferences will show you understand the consumer, the category and the retailer all at once.


Provide Strategic Omnichannel Solutions Based on Consumer Shopping Habits
Once you’ve established an impressive understanding of consumer behavior, leverage this knowledge to show exactly how your product can influence consumer buying to drive more people to the retailer at all points along the omnichannel spectrum. Showcase the ways your product can drive a seamless customer experience, regardless of whether they are in store, on a laptop or shopping directly from their phone or tablet. And show them how you plan on capitalizing on the different consumer locations, such as digital media, point of purchase materials, promotions and more.


Sales Factory Can Help You Uncover A Wealth of Consumer Behavior Information
A Product Line Review is an opportunity to validate more than your product’s value. It’s your moment to show the retailer how a partnership with you will help grow their business, and you need powerful market research into your target audience to make it happen.

Sales Factory has more than 35 years of experience helping businesses like yours uncover the valuable consumer metrics necessary to capture the attention of retailers. We can help you become an expert on your consumer and show you how to use that information to put together a winning PLR.

Learn more about our PLRs, virtual PLRs, how to stay competitive, and how our formula has contributed to wins across multiple categories for more than 35 years. And be sure to explore the Sales Factory PLR Checklist to understand everything you need to do to prepare for a Product Line Review.

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Get your PLR checklist.

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