Increasing Your Social Media Following for Retail Brands

A wide audience on social media isn’t just a vanity metric - engaged followers are more likely to be loyal consumers. In fact, 90% of shoppers purchase products from brands they follow online

Social media is one of your best pathways for staying top-of-mind when followers are ready to make a purchase, but getting a foothold in a saturated space takes effort and patience. Fortunately, you don’t have to chase trends or dilute your brand voice to develop a strong digital presence. Here are five simple strategies for broadening your reach. 

1. Show up.

It’s not enough to simply claim an account. Today’s social media users expect brands to interact with their audience, respond to questions and comments and express their personalities. 

More than ever, consumers use the quality of these social media interactions to form an overall opinion of your brand. Think of your social media presence as an opportunity to be part of a community. Choose relevant content, post regularly and respond thoughtfully to comments and messages. A proactive, helpful and consistent online persona will give first-time buyers the confidence to take a chance on your brand. 

create social content, post and respond

2. Take advantage of platform features.

Each social media platform comes with its own unique, interactive features. Rather than duplicating content across platforms, look for ways to use the elements to engage your audience. 

Instagram stories, LinkedIn polls and Facebook events offer an inherent call to action. Make viewers part of the conversation by giving them an opportunity to respond to your content. In a digital age where everyone can be a creator, successful brand communication is always a two-way street. 

take advantage of social features to engage your audience.

3. Use social listening.

It’s important to monitor your inbox, comments and mentions, but don’t neglect the conversations that are already in progress. Search relevant hashtags and look for mentions of your industry or product category so you can add your voice.

Don’t forget your digital manners. Balancing self-promotion with genuine interest and empathy for others will go a long way in establishing your brand as a trusted authority. 

4. Check in.

Regular audits are crucial if you want to grow on social media. Choose KPIs that reflect your goals, and notice which posting strategies work best on each platform. 

Because the social space evolves so rapidly, it’s important to stay agile. Take advantage of the ever-growing toolbox of new features that accompany platform updates, and don’t be afraid to reevaluate your strategy if it begins to lose effectiveness. 

take advantage of every tool

5. Budget for boosting. 

A large, engaged following can improve your visibility organically on certain social media platforms. Unfortunately, getting this kind of traction takes time, and the various algorithms that these platforms use to display content are typically closely-guarded secrets and subject to change. 

For these reasons, it’s prudent to set aside a piece of your marketing budget for post boosting and targeting. Though your social media advertising expenditure will depend on your unique goals, it is especially important to prioritize this investment early in your growth journey. High-quality content is only as effective as it is visible to your target audience.