How Much Does it Cost to Design and Build an Ecommerce Website?

If a review of your competitors’ sites or suggestions from your internal marketing team have you wondering if it’s time to redesign your ecommerce website, you aren't alone. Even the best websites need a periodic design refresh to stay up-to-date and in line with evolving user expectations. You know how to get your products noticed on retail shelves, but how do you maintain your edge in the growing world of ecommerce?

Free website builders can inspire confidence in the do-it-yourself approach, but a great website is about so much more than aesthetics. To stake a claim in the digital market, retail brands’ sites must be functional, easily navigable and highly discoverable.

So exactly how much does it cost to have an effective website built for your brand?

Ecommerce website redesign cost

Until a digital strategist takes time to get to know your brand, a definitive answer won’t be a complete one.


Without being intimately acquainted with a company’s values, goals and target audience, it’s very difficult to predict the cost of designing and building a website. A fully supported, strategically designed site can start at around $15K, but estimates will vary depending on factors such as the number of products you are showcasing, how much content creation is required and what functionalities your website needs to give your users a quality experience.


Website redesign is an investment.
Savvy marketers recognize the role that a business’s digital presence plays in larger, overarching sales goals. A well-designed retail website should reflect your brand’s essence and reinforce messaging, but ultimately it’s a means to an end: revenue.

“Your website should be your number one salesperson.” - Phillip Oakley, VP of Brand Strategy


How can I save on website redesign services?
If you’ve already started shopping for website design and build services, you’re probably inundated with ads offering impossible-sounding deals. You may even be tempted to recruit a tech-savvy team member to construct something on a “no coding needed” drag-and-drop platform like Wix or Squarespace.


Beware bargain web design.
While it may come with initial cost savings, chances are it won’t be optimized for your long term marketing strategy or agile enough to meet your conversion goals. Worst of all? Discount design services tend to upcharge for necessary features as “extras,” so the deal you think you’re getting is often unrecognizable in the end.


After just 3-5 years, changes in technology and consumer needs will render most websites practically obsolete. Rock-bottom pricing rarely factors in how much it costs to update and maintain a website. If you choose a developer that isn’t prepared to provide ongoing support and maintenance as your business grows and innovates, your initial savings quickly turns into a liability.

So how do you maximize your investment in your ecommerce website’s redesign? Choose a digital strategy team who understands how your website’s functionality directly contributes to your sales goals, and is prepared to provide ongoing support, analytics and recommendations.


Why invest in a website redesign?
No sales representative, no matter how persuasive, will have the reach of a highly functional ecommerce site, and the digital market is more inclusive than ever. During the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, many consumers made their first-ever online purchases. Even audiences that actively avoided online shopping pre-pandemic are now embracing it.

Ecommerce is on the rise, and retailers should be prepared to meet their target audience out in the digital world.

It’s as true on the internet as it is in-aisle–and in life: you only get one chance at a good first impression.


Retail website design services can support your marketing strategy.
There are many reasons to redesign your website, but the most important is to ensure that it is functioning as a tool that helps propel you toward sales goals.

Great web design can’t happen in a vacuum. Get the most from your investment by choosing builders who work in conjunction with a team of ecommerce specialists, SEO gurus, content creators and brand strategists. Full-service marketing firms come with ready access to experts who can work together to determine the visual flow, features and functions your website needs to reach your target audience and support the consumer journey.

The best design strategies utilize data gathered from segmentation studies, focus groups and consumer behavior research to create the best user experience and drive engagement and sales. This data yields much more than an attractive website - it also gives your company’s leadership team invaluable insights into the head and heart of your ideal consumer.


Find a web designer who can grow with your business
Invest in digital marketing strategists, designers and developers who understand how your site should function as a sales and marketing tool for your brand. Though DIY website design platforms and low-cost creators come with an appealing up-front cost savings, they struggle to provide ongoing support, conversion-driven design and insights into consumer behavior.

Partnering with a team of marketing professionals, rather than opting for a one-time spend on design services, will keep your website agile, visible and relevant.

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