How Do You Create a Disruptive Brand? Know Your Brand Fingerprint.

What sets you apart from your competitors? That should be an easy answer. 

Hint: it’s not your unique product mix. It isn’t your ever-changing pricing strategy. Nor is it your expert placement. To wrap up the 4P’s of the marketing mix, it’s not your clever or creative promotions.   

These battles aren’t unique; your competitors fight them every day. What really makes you different? Your company’s brand essence. There is only one YOU.

Pepsi may be another cola and own dozens of brands, but it isn’t (and never will be) Coca-Cola.  

Have you identified what makes you truly unique? As an executive or founder, you may have a “feeling” about your company and know each intimate detail of your history. But have you communicated that feeling internally? How can you channel that feeling, that emotional essence that’s truly unique to only your brand--and make it part of your external communications?

The Brand Fingerprint is a valuable springboard for category-changing marketing solutions and the catalyst for organizational alignment.

Why brand is your most powerful marketing asset
Part of truly understanding your business is understanding the heart of the brand. There are loads of prescriptive models and mechanical frameworks that talk about mission, vision, core attributes, purpose and goals. 

What you really need is to unearth the golden thread that connects the head and the heart of your company. Identify the one-of-a-kind essence that helps the entire business rally around the brand. Lead with that brand essence, and your employees will become your biggest brand evangelists.

Brand gives your target audience something to connect with and believe in. A deeper connection with your prime prospect means less competition on the marketing battlefield.

Successful branding results in getting more people to buy more products at higher prices with less consideration for the competition.

How does the Brand Fingerprint help define my brand?
The Brand Fingerprint is an engaging brand workshop that brings key decision makers together for crucial conversations about the core attributes of the company’s past, present and future.

It probes below the surface to uncover the head and heart of your brand, its unique personality and emotional character to uncover the one-of-a-kind essence. The discoveries you make will guide corporate messaging and inform effective, meaningful communication with your target audience, helping you get a greater return on your marketing dollar. 

Brand Fingerprint unearths answers to vital questions about the business:

  • What will be our company’s singular, unified voice?
  • What will we stand for that is bigger than the products we make?
  • What will be relevant, motivating, ownable and valuable to our customers?

How is the Brand Fingerprint more than just another workshop?
Have you ever cried at a workshop? Emotional connection to brand is so powerful, seasoned executives have been known to shed a tear or three. That’s the power of brand. 

At Sales Factory, we go beyond the kumbaya campfire and connect that emotion back to your company. This includes reviewing functional business practices in your vertical that may need iterating to be true to the brand and create a connection with your audience. 

We’ll comb through your company’s history to find valuable nuggets that set you apart from the competition, and eliminate wasteful messaging that doesn’t signal value to the customer. Most importantly, we create a foundation for future success and tie business goals to the brand essence. 

We uncover the brand personality that’s true to the soul of your business.

How do you get started?
Let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your brand and how an insight-driven Brand Fingerprint can help grow your business. 

Build a strong brand.

Build a strong brand.

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