Sales Factory launches learning series

SFW supports agency learning with crash-courses for professional development

GREENSBORO, NC —Sales Factory’s focus on insights, strategy and activation doesn’t stop with their clients. Their teams bring the university-style learning into the agency to help new hires learn about the many facets of the business.

Employees from the creative, digital, accounts and insights teams take the stage each Friday to present. These mini-lessons help employees understand the roles and responsibilities of Sales Factory employees, one step at a time.

Sales Factory University sessions allow teams to share the work that they do with the company, in turn, it helps our employees get on the same page and understand what each team does. Week to week our employees work hard to get things done but we think it’s important to take the time to refresh our memory and talk about why Sales Factory is different,” said King.

Ged King, CEO, and Peter Mitchell, President of Sales Factory kicked off the semester with an introduction to the business by focusing on current trends in the market, the four-part process that is unique to Sales Factory and outlining a few winning cases from past client projects.

The purpose of these learning sessions center on bringing professional development and new hire orientation together into one.

“These sessions help bring our company together in many ways. It helps us all slow down and remember that we have a process and strategy in place to guide our work,” said Emily Bratton, Director of Digital.

Sales Factory University brings the whole team together through a learning series that explains the insights, strategy and activation processes that help brands win in retail. The goal of these courses is to develop awareness around each team and their work while also taking the time to foster a collaborative work environment that encourages continuous learning.