Consumer Pulse - What role does brand play in the Learn, Shop, Buy process

The current situation:

According to Brand Finance’s 2023 ranking of the 500 most valuable U.S. brands, six retailers were in the top 50: Amazon (#1), Walmart (#5), Home Depot (#8), Costco (#14), Lowe’s (#27), and Target (#36). Strong retailer brands provide a halo effect for the products they carry, with 62% of respondents in this week’s Consumer Pulse saying they trust their favorite stores to only carry good quality products.


What consumers are saying:

Our Consumer Pulse report for this week dives into consumers’ decision-making processes, including attitudes toward national and house brands, the influence of ratings and reviews, and the use of social media as a source for product information. Here are a few highlights from this week’s Consumer Pulse:

  • 45% of consumers say they try to buy well-known, national brands.
  • 70% agree that house brands are generally a good value. 
  • 69% will take a risk by trying a new brand.
  • 43% believe price is a good indicator of a product’s quality.


The Outlook:

Our results found that there are significant generational differences in how consumers learn about and shop for products, including attitudes toward national brands, willingness to take a risk on a new brand, relying on ratings or reviews, or using social media for product information. Having a deep understanding of your prime prospect is vitally important in developing effective brand-building strategies and in moving them through the purchase funnel as efficiently as possible.


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