Consumer Pulse - The U.S. is broken. Can it be fixed? | Sept 21, 2023

The current situation:

This week’s Consumer Pulse found that 56% of respondents feel the country is broken “much or all of the time,” which is a significant increase over the 50% that felt the same way back in March of this year. Add in those who feel the country is broken “some of the time,” and the total figure rises to 94%.

Can things be fixed? Only 67% believe it is possible to fix the country, while 10% believe it can’t be fixed and 23% are unsure. 


What they’re saying:

The good news is respondents seem willing to get involved and be a part of the solution. In addition to watching the debates to stay informed, here’s how respondents say they’ll help fix the country: 

•    70% plan to participate in their state’s primaries/caucuses.

•    77% plan to vote in next year’s general election.

•    23% would consider voting for a third-party candidate.

This week’s Consumer Pulse takes a deep dive into attitudes towards the debates and voting, and also looks at the top issues our country is facing. 


The Outlook:

Respondents say inflation remains our biggest issue, with many needing to make tradeoffs as their budgets get squeezed by rising fuel prices and mortgage rates, as well as the return of student loan payments. In fact, the Wall Street Journal estimates that the restart of student loan payments could cost retailers up to $100 billion over the coming year. Adding political fuel to this mix could make it a difficult holiday season for retailers, particularly those who are more reliant on discretionary spending. 

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