Consumer Pulse - The Rise and Fall of Retail Prices

The current situation:

Many manufacturers have been passing on higher inflation-driven manufacturing costs to consumers in the form of price increases. Procter & Gamble raised prices by 10% in the March quarter, which is on top of a 10% increase in the December quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2023, PepsiCo raised prices by 16% and Unilever raised prices by more than 13%. But the pressure to reduce prices will be strong if the economy enters into a recession. How consumers respond to both price increases and decreases is the topic of this week’s Sales Factory Consumer Pulse.


What consumers are saying:

Our Consumer Pulse report found that 90% of respondents are watching the prices of everyday items closely. Approximately one-third of respondents have noticed price decreases in categories they frequently purchase, such as groceries and personal care products. Here are a few highlights from this week’s Consumer Pulse:


• 76% have changed products and/or brands to save money because of inflationary price increases.

• 58% say that falling prices have resulted in changes to the products and/or brands they buy.

• 62% say they are waiting for prices to come down before making a major purchase.

• 55% don’t expect prices to decline over the next 6 months.

The Outlook:

While predicting a recession is about as precise as predicting the weather, most economists put the odds of the U.S. entering a recession at about 65%. Understanding how your consumers will react to pricing decisions on your products is crucial as the economy pivots from inflationary increases to potential recessionary decreases.


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