Consumer Pulse - Taking the Pulse of US Homeowners | February 1, 2024

The current state:

The National Association of Realtors recently reported that existing U.S. home sales totaled 4.09 million last year, an 18.7% decline from 2022 and the lowest full-year level since 1995. 

One factor driving the decline is a shortage of homes for sale – there were 1 million homes on the market at the end of December compared to the historical average of 2.5 million. According to a Redfin analysis of data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s National Mortgage Database, more than 88% of homeowners with mortgages have an interest rate below 6%, and 59% have a rate below 4%. With the 30-year fixed mortgage rate in the mid-6% range, many homeowners are reluctant to sell.


How we’re feeling right now:

According to this week’s Consumer Pulse, 4% of respondents who are homeowners say they plan to relocate within the coming year, and an additional 14% may relocate within the next three years. Additional homeowner data from this week’s Consumer Pulse include:

  • 49% do routine maintenance on a regular schedule.
  • 55% say their house needs minor repairs.
  • 12% say their house needs major improvements.


Why it matters:

Home sales are a big driver of home improvement spending, with 25% of respondents saying they will invest $5,000 or more to get their homes ready for sale. Looking beyond home sales, brands and retailers can encourage homeowners to do more routine maintenance on a more regular basis and demonstrate ways in which they can help them tackle their minor home repairs. 

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