Consumer Pulse – Taking the Pulse of Personal Well-Being | June 13, 2024

The current state:

While the COVID pandemic moves farther into our rearview,  the emphasis on health and wellness has remained both a priority and cause for concern for many consumers. Our latest Consumer Pulse report explores current attitudes and behaviors, offering insights into how people are navigating their health and wellness journeys in a post-pandemic era.


How we’re feeling right now:

This week’s Consumer Pulse report reveals significant insights into health and wellness behaviors:
  • 62% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they prepare nutritious meals at home, though this practice is less common among Gen Z.
  • 51% feel they are in good physical condition, with Gen X being the most critical of their health at 39%.
  • 67% see the doctor for regular checkups, with Boomers leading at 81%.
  • 56% of people worry more than they should, which is even higher for women at 66% compared to 45% of men.

    These numbers highlight a general trend towards healthier living, although gaps remain across different age groups and a notable level of worry persists among the population.

Why it matters:

These insights into consumer health and wellness behaviors are valuable for understanding broader consumer trends that impact various industries. For instance, consumers' focus on health can influence their purchasing decisions in numerous categories, including food and beverages, fitness products, and even technology that supports a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, 43% of respondents report being worried about their well-being, reflecting a broader concern that can affect consumer sentiment and spending across multiple sectors.

Do you want to take the Pulse of your customers? Our Insights team will partner with you to design a study to help you better understand your customers and their problems, and how your brand can win at retail. 


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