Ready, Set, Shop: Prime Days Expectations | June 27, 2024

The current state:

Amazon Prime continues to be a significant part of consumers' lives, with over three-quarters of respondents (76%) reporting that they are current Prime members. Amazon’s annual Prime Days are fast approaching, just announced for July 16th-17th, and nearly half (49%) of respondents are aware of the upcoming event. Once informed of the dates, a significant 82% noted they are likely to participate, indicating strong anticipation and planned engagement across multiple purchase categories.


How we’re feeling right now:

This week’s Consumer Pulse explores the expected behaviors and motivations of Prime members as they prepare for Prime Days:

  • Participation: 
    A robust 82% of Prime members intend to take advantage of Prime Days deals.
  • Top Purchase Motivators: 
    The most popular reasons for shopping Prime Days include finding “really good deals” (68%), “purchasing everyday items” (59%), and “finally buying items they have been waiting for” (53%).
  • Spending Plans: 
    When considering their budgetary expectations, 43% plan to spend about the same as previous years, 28% aim to spend less, and 26% intend to spend more, citing inflation and financial constraints as key influencers.

Why it matters:

Understanding consumer behavior around Amazon Prime Days is critical for brands aiming to capture an engaged audience looking for deals. The high likelihood of participation in Prime Days presents a significant opportunity for competitive positioning and targeted marketing. Moreover, with half of the respondents planning to shop deals at other retailers during Prime Days, an omnichannel strategy that includes both online and in-store promotions can be highly effective.

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