Consumer Pulse - Our relationship status with social media? It’s complicated | October 5, 2023

The current situation:

In 2022, Gen Zers aged 18 and up and Millennials were a combined population of approximately 112 million, making them a lucrative demographic for marketers. This group spans the ages of 18 to 42, and their social media habits are extremely different from their Gen X and Boomer counterparts. 

When it comes to social media, contradictions exist. For example: 56% of Gen Z/Millennials say social media is their primary source for news; however, 44% also say they have less trust in the information they get through social media now versus three years ago. Like we said – it’s complicated. 


What they’re saying:

The platforms used by Gen Z and Millennials and how they use them are vastly different than the older generational cohorts. For example, 66% of Gen Z/Millennials use TikTok, which is significantly higher than Gen X (49%) and Boomers (10%). Here are some additional social media use data for Gen Z/Millennials from this week’s Consumer Pulse:

•    80% follow one or more brands on social media.

•    88% use social media for brand or product recommendations.

•    75% have purchased a product based on seeing a social media ad.

This week’s Consumer Pulse will provide you with helpful social media information for the four primary generational cohorts. 


Why it matters:

It is estimated that more than $68 billion will be spent on social media advertising in the U.S. in 2023, a number that will grow to $75 billion next year. Understanding the role that social media plays in your target consumer’s path to purchase – how they use it and their attitude towards it – will help you curate your social media ad strategy and improve your ROAS.

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