Consumer Pulse - Navigating U.S. Voter Concerns & Electoral Priorities | April 25, 2024

The current state:

As the U.S. gears up for the 2024 Presidential Election, our latest Consumer Pulse sheds light on the many subjects shaping voter sentiment. While the Presidential election is top of mind for some, with 10% citing it as the most important issue in the U.S., matters such as future inflation (20%), illegal immigration (15%), and the general condition of the federal government (13%) rise to the top amongst a fragmented list of issues facing the nation. 


How we’re feeling right now:

This week’s Consumer Pulse highlights the complex array of national issues and voter sentiment across age groups:
  • Even for those who didn’t cite it as their primary concern, a substantial 73% view future inflation as an important issue, indicating widespread mindfulness about economic stability.
  • A robust 91% of respondents claim they are registered to vote, with 89% expressing their intent to vote. While these figures are higher than national voting statistics, it underscores the strong desire to participate in this year’s election and a potential to see a number higher than the 70% turnout in 2020.
  • 89% of Boomers feel the Presidency is the most important office, while just 61% of Gen Z share that opinion. Gen Z is significantly more likely to consider the state and local offices to be of utmost importance.

Why it matters:

This study illuminates many issues that are top of mind for U.S. voters as they approach the polls. As these topics are likely to influence voter decisions, they also hold the potential to impact consumer behavior and spending. Engaging with these insights is paramount for brands to stay agile while anticipating changes in consumers’ varying mindsets.

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