Consumer Pulse - Is There a Brand Identity Crisis in the Home Improvement Industry?

The current situation:

According to the Numerator, private label brands accounted for 22% of CPG purchases (units basis) made in grocery stores during the first quarter of the year – a figure that was consistent across all income levels. They also report that 40% of shoppers believe that the quality of private-label products has increased over time. With this in mind, we decided to test consumers’ understanding of national versus private label/house brands in the home improvement category.


What consumers are saying:

Our Consumer Pulse report found that just 31% of respondents who shop at Lowe’s recognize Kobalt as a private label/house brand of power tools. Similarly, only 28% of Home Depot shoppers correctly identified Husky as a private label/house brand of power tools. To further illustrate homeowner confusion when it comes to home improvement brands:

  • 80% recognize Black+Decker as a national brand of power tools.
  • 26% correctly identify Hart as a private label/house brand for power tools.
  • 26% recognize True Temper as a national brand of outdoor hand tools.

Additional details on power tools and outdoor hand tools can be found in this week’s Consumer Pulse report.

The Outlook:

Approximately 70% of respondents say they would be likely to consider a private label/house brand for their next purchase of a power tool or outdoor hand tool. With the threat of a recession still looming, national brands should focus on purchase drivers such as quality, variety, availability, and trust to effectively compete against house brands.

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